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Smarter Working Initiative

We are strong believers that smarter working
results in better business outcomes.

Research has proven

People are more motivated and productive if they can work in a way that suits them best, rather than being restricted to an office desk.

Our goal is to have business leaders across the globe sign up to the Smarter Working Initiative so their employees can work flexibly, from any location, for just one day.

The Smarter Working Initiative will take place on the first official day of summer holidays for schools in the UK.

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on Friday 24 July 2020

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The Smarter Working Initiative will be on

Friday 24 July 2020.

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What's this all about?

The Smarter Working Initiative is the day to empower your staff to be the most productive they can be. Whether this will be the first time for your business, or it’s already part of your company’s routine, this is the day to show the world that we can be more productive through working smarter.

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We’ve got a growing number of businesses signing up to get on board with the Smarter Working Initiative. If you agree to sign your business up for flexible working, you’ll be shown on this page as well.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

See how smarter working can really benefit your business. This is your opportunity to show how your business can stay dynamic…even if it’s the first time your employees have used flexible working technology to work smarter!

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